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whodiniz | November 2, 2021


Fascinating thing – altered states of
consciousness, meant for experimenting,
drawing all curious, adventurous kids,
getting hold of drugs for hallucinating,
at a specific cerebral frequency people
see mental pictures of geometric patterns
resembling ancient designs in prehistoric
caves and paintings on pebbles – how can
the older generation wonder why teens
are always into something – they have

youthful enthusiasm for trying the road
not taken, for finding a new way, to break
away – this is how reality is remade all the
time, some even speculate paradise myths
imply the primordial existence of a unified
mind encompassing all of humanity – the
thought is scary and magnificent at the
same time – if it was a living, pulsating
web of telepathic interconnectedness
through which a current of universal
NFT availble

love flowed…

Margaret Alice

Written by whodiniz

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